We have several rules to follow that are either imposed on us by our gracious hosts at Grand Targhee or are the result of the hillclimb race organizers attempts to maintain a good and trusting relationship with Grand Targhee and their guests, the US Forest Service, Teton County Sheriffs Dept., and the local citizens of Alta and Driggs.  Please remember this is a beautiful high mountain area which is popular with people on vacation and local sports enthusiasts.  We do our best to maintain control and communications over the race course to provide a safe environment for racers, course workers, spectators, and visitors.  However, the access road and surrounding forests are open to the general public.  In any situation during the race weekend, always think SAFETY FIRST. 


In previous years races, unusual situations can and DO develop during the course of the day.


Number 1, we do NOT have any control over the weather!  If it rains or snows (yes snow!), the race directors will asses the situation and determine if it is safe to make high speed runs on the course.


Number 2, when hikers, bicyclists, skate boarders, inline skaters, roller skiers, joggers, ATVs, firewood cutters, horses, cows, moose, deer, elk, etc. wander onto or near the road, we will red flag the cars on course until we can regain safe control of the traffic situation.  Please be patient and follow directions from the course workers, affected drivers will be given a rerun.


Number 3, Grand Targhee Resort is open to the general public and has other guests that may or may not know we are holding the hillclimb race.  Some of them may be departing on a tight schedule for sight seeing trips or airport check in.  The access road to Grand Targhee is still open to the general public and resort traffic.  We must open the road to general traffic in between each race group.  Occasionally Grand Targhee guests or workers must get up or down the hill road immediately and we have to hold the race traffic until their vehicles clear the race course.  Please be patient during delays beyond our control. 


Remember that we are guests in this area and behave like you want to come back next year!


The hillclimb course is located on the only access road to Grand Targhee Resort. Pits and pre-grid are located at the lodge at the top of the hill. The starting grid and START are located approximately 2/3 of the way up the hill. Race vehicles will be driven downhill from the pre-grid to the starting grid in run groups, prior to making runs. The road must be opened for public access after every 30 minute competition session. To ensure good public relations, please obey all posted speed limits and do not short cut any corners except during actual competition runs. When driving race vehicles downhill to the starting grid, expect possible two way traffic AT ALL TIMES. Please drive carefully as cows, horses, deer, moose, elk and bears may be encountered along or on the road at any time, day or night.


Rules and Regulations

1.       Speed limit in all pit areas, pre-grid, grid, and Grand Targhee parking lots is 10 MPH. Enforcement is strict, and could include disqualification from the event. 

2.       When not racing, obey posted speed limits on the Grand Targhee access road and through the towns of Alta and Driggs.  Be warned that the local sheriff’s office usually has an officer on the hill or in the area during the race weekend, to assist with traffic control and in case of emergency.  They can and will write tickets.

3.       No drivers or spectators are permitted to walk on or along the road between the pit/pre-grid  area and the spectator area during the race.  This is for your own safety and the race drivers safety.  We do not have corner workers or communications in this area and it is a potentially dangerous area, as race cars are traveling at speed on this portion of the road.  Grand Targhee graciously provides a passenger van to transport people back and forth between the parking area and the spectator area located between corners 7 and 8.  The spectator transport van will run between each race group or approximately every 30 minutes. Please use the spectator van to get back and forth to the spectator viewing area, rather than trying to park your truck or SUV off road in that area.  

4.       Pets are NOT allowed at Grand Targhee Resort area, please do not bring your pets to the race.

5.       Trash barrels are located in the pit area and parking lots, please leave your pit area and the race course area cleaner than you found it. This helps ensure continuation of the event and keeps our hosts (Grand Targhee and the Forest Service) happy!

6.       The race course is surrounded by the Targhee National Forest.  Fire danger in the forest area is HIGH to EXTREMELY HIGH this year.  Please be careful with all matches, lighters, cigarettes, open campfires, charcoal and BBQ grills.