††††††††††††† ROTARY TETON HILLCLIMB Rules



As a hillclimb sanctioned by the Northwest Hillclimb Association, we follow their mandatory rules in an effort to maintain a consistent set of rules for all hillclimb races on the NHA schedule.We have also instituted a few additional rules due to local restrictions, local environment, etc.Please remember SAFETY FIRST.We are here to race our cars, go fast, and have fun.However, remember that your very life is at risk here.The race course road is carved out of the side of a very large mountain.There are very few guardrails along the road and several places have high risk exposure (that means if you spin off the road, there is no runoff area and the only place to go is down or into tree tops!)The Teton Hillclimb race has maintained a very good safety record in the past several years of racing here.We have had only a couple cars ever damaged and have had no injuries.We would like to keep it that way.Hillclimbs are a very risky type of racing.Most accidents are due to driver error, although occasionally due to mechanical failure.Driving over your personal limits and capabilities could result in wrecking your car and serious injuries to yourself and others.We are all amateur racers here, a hillclimb race is NOT the best place to safely test you or your cars limits.The Teton Hillclimb is one of the fastest hillclimb courses on the NHA schedule.Most of the drivers come here to race from other states and many of them have years of racing experience.If any driver has questions on the desired driving line for the corners, ask a more experienced driver, most will be more than willing to provide help and knowledge.As you become more experienced and learn the course, you will most likely get faster.The race organizers would like to see all the drivers have fun and everybody take their race cars home in one piece.We can and will prevent an unsafe driver or an unsafe race car from competing.A bad crash affects more than just the driver involved.It affects their family, the other drivers, spectators, and the local authorities.Be safe out there !


Run Groups:

The hillclimb race will be organized into 3 run groups of about 10 to 20 cars per run group depending on the number of drivers entered. Each run group will assemble their cars in assigned spaces on the pre-grid prior to their runs. The pre-grid is located on the paved road next to the pits. The hillclimb race will run in competition sessions of approximately 30 minutes each, with the hill being open to local traffic between each run groupís race session. Each run group will travel downhill from the pre-grid to the START area when the hill is open for local traffic. We need to maintain traffic control to keep the event running smoothly, and request that downhill run groups travel in an orderly manner, turn around, and form up the grid in the START area in a timely manner. The quicker we can confirm a clear course, regain traffic control, and be ready to run, the more runs weíll get to make each day. MAXIMUM RUNS means MAXIMUM FUN!


Run Cards:

Each driver will receive a run card with the following information: car#, run group, grid space#. Drivers must have their run card when assembling on pre-grid. The grid master will collect your run card prior to each group leaving the pre-grid. The timing staff will write your race times on your run card. Your run card will be placed at the scoreboard in the pit area after your run group has raced. Please pick up your run card after each set of runs. Run cards make life easier for the timing staff and also give you a written record of your race times.


Safety Gear:

Race drivers should wear your helmet and seat belts when traveling downhill from the lodge parking lot pre-grid area to the starting grid area.Stay in the proper lane, the road is open for two-way traffic.The general public can easily be distracted when a line of race cars is coming down the hill, so be careful and drive defensively on your way down the hill.Also, if you make a habit of wearing your helmet and safety gear on the way down the hill to the starting grid, you will have everything necessary when itís your turn to race up the hill!


Course Workers:

Volunteer corner workers will be gladly accepted. We will provide lunch at no cost for corner workers. If someone in your family/crew is willing to be a corner worker for one or both days, please fill in the appropriate information on the entry form or call John Hansford at 208-456-2560


Race Rules and Regulations:

1.       Entry is limited to a maximum of 60 drivers.

2.       Maximum of 3 drivers in any one car, regardless of class entered.

3.       Drivers must show a valid driverís license at registration.

4.       Cars must pass a technical (safety) inspection prior to competing.

5.       All driverís helmets must comply with current SCCA Solo II rules (SNELL 95 standard or newer). Helmets will be inspected during vehicle tech inspection.

6.       Driverís helmets for open cockpit cars must have a full face shield or visor. The visor must be down during competition runs.

7.       All drivers must wear long sleeve shirts and long pants made of cotton or Nomex while driving. Nomex suits are highly recommended. Shoes are required while driving.Helmet support collars/neck collars/helmet restraints are highly recommended.

8.       All cars must have seat belts and shoulder harness or factory installed shoulder strap.

9.       Driver arm restraints (closed driverís side window, window net, or racing restraints) are highly recommended.

10.  Roll bars or roll cages are required in all open cars. Integral roll bars (i.e. Corvette, Porsche) are acceptable. Roll bars/roll cages are required in Super Production class cars. The roll bar must be above the driverís helmet and be adequately braced.It must pass tech inspection.

11.  A fire extinguisher or fire system is MANDATORY in all cars. Minimum rating 5BC. All extinguishers (except Halon) must be professionally inspected and tagged within 1 year of the event date. Extinguishers must be securely mounted with metal brackets. Extinguishers or fire system activation buttons must be located within easy reach of the driver and/or safety officials.

(This is NOT negotiable!Do NOT show up with an out-of-date or discharged fire extinguisher attached to the car with bungee cords and duct tape.It WILL NOT HELP YOU in the event you have an accident/fire situation!It is also not likely that you will find suitable fire extinguishers/metal brackets/mounting bolts in the Driggs area at 10pm Friday night.Please come prepared to pass tech inspection.)

12.  Passengers are NOT permitted in race cars during timed runs.

13.  All cars must be identified with highly visible car numbers and class letters. Cars with more than one driver must have a method of running with the appropriate number and class for each driver.

14.  All vehicles participating at the hillclimb will display an approved NHA sticker, unobstructed and prominently on both sides of the automobile. These will be given to NHA members and non-members will be charged for them.

15.  Nitrous oxide is not permitted on any car.

16.  All vehicles must have spark arrester type mufflers.

17.  Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) GCR classes are used to classify all cars on race tires and Improved Touring classes. SCCA Solo II classes will be used for Stock, Street Prepared, and others as applicable. There are 5 NHA specific classes: Over Street Prepared, Super Production, Formula Libre, Mod Vee and Prototype. Lady drivers have the option to run in either the Ladies classes or the Open classes.

18.  Attendance at the driverís meeting each morning is mandatory for all drivers.

19.  The FINISH line will be visibly marked with orange pylons, banners, flags, etc. All drivers must brake in a controlled manner and have their cars slowed to the 10 MPH pit speed limit prior to re-entering the pit area/or pre-grid area. AFTER the FINISH LINE there is approximately ľ mile of DOWNHILL pavement prior to entering the pre-grid and pit areas. NO EXCUSES WILL BE TOLERATED FOR DRIVERS INTENTIONALLY MAINTAINING RACE SPEED AFTER THE FINISH LINE. This is for worker and spectator safety.

20.  It is the driverís responsibility to have their run card when assembled in pre-grid. The run cards will be collected for use by timing and scoring before moving the cars downhill to the starting grid. NO RUN CARD, NO TIME WILL BE RECORDED BY TIMING AND SCORING!

21.  No consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted by drivers or workers until all timed runs for the day are completed.

22.  All drivers, crew, workers, course workers, guests, etc. must sign a release form. Parents must sign for minors.